Ramcharger High & MightyBeing a die hard Mopar fan I have many good memories of the Ramchargers.  The Ramchargers started in 1959 when a group of Chrysler engineers joined forces, Their first car was a 1949 Plymouth business coupe named “The High & Mighty”.  

 The motor was a 354 Hemi, with 392 Hemi heads, this made the motor breath better. It sure was fun watching them race at Detroit Dragway.  The Ramchargers were in the forefront of many of the changes drag racing cars went through., from funny cars to dragsters they did it all. If you want to read all about how the Ramchargers got started, and what went into being a Ramcharger you can pick up their book ” We were Ramchargers”. 

  Photos of the recreated car High & Mighty were taken at the Friday before the 2010 Woodward Dream Cruise.

Thanks for all the great memories.