RIP Doug Nash

Doug Nash CometDoug Nash was one of the racers at Detroit Dragway. One of the hot rods he raced was The “Bronco Buster” . Before the Bronco Buster Doug raced an A/FX Comet called “The Cyclone”…

The Bronco Buster had an aluminum tube chassis with an injected 289 Ford small block. Later a supercharger was added. In 1967 the NHRA doing one of it’s rule changes made it impossible for Doug to keep racing the Bronco Buster.

Doug then switched from driver to builder of his famous 5-speed transmission.DSC00605-smwm

Sadly Doug passed away in July 2015. Doug left his mark at Detroit Dragway & drag racing. Keeping the memory of Detroit Dragway alive 24/7 365 days a year.

If you raced at DD send us your story and photos so we can share your memory.