Onondaga Dragway

Onondaga Dragway

Onondaga Dragway

Onondaga Dragway to Re-Open

It’s great new to hear that Onondaga Dragway has been given permission to open.  We have been following the ongoing battle with the Onondaga Township board of trustee’s.  So hopefully with the permits & licenses, and the track’s opening everyone involved will benefit from all this hard work. We wish everyone the very best…






Onondaga Dragway's

Onondaga Dragway’s

With another track open in Michigan, we can’t wait to go take lots of photos of Michigan drag racers.


Link to – Onondaga Dragway gets the green light to operate once again


Here is an article we ran a few months ago.

Onondaga Dragway (1961 to 1978) was an Ingham County dragstrip. It was out in the country and was a good destination for some of our nation’s top drag racers. The likes of “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, Shirley Muldowney, Connie Kalitta, and many , many more raced to the delight of the spectators.


But like many things here in Michigan it succumbed to hard times, so the site closed down, leaving racers, and fans heartbroken. In 1985 Dan Ranshaw led the way in proposing the reopening of the strip. Mr. Ranshaw had a grand vision for the dragstrip, he wanted an NHRA national event. Ranshway was going to rename the track to “Capital Area Dragway.” So he took his plans to Onondaga Twp. who the held hearing on the matter. He had pretty much the same decision as did Detroit Dragway a few years later. The people said that didn’t want this, citing noise. So Mr. Ranshaw lost his bid to re-open the track. After that try the track has mostly sat vacant for many years.

Back around 2008, group of local drag racers leased the track and started using it for test ‘n tune sessions. Well it didn’t take long for news of this to slowly leaked out to others racers. Soon the interest grew and this group of racers decided the would host a car show at the track, analog hoping to gather support to renovate the Onondaga Dway . they wanted this to be a private facility, and open to club members only. On September 27th, 2009 the club held it’s first ever car show. They had over 200 car entries, and a long with this a few of the former racers came to the event.

Now years later the new owner of Onondaga is Ray Comer. Ray applied for a special permit to build the new strip in early 2010, and received clearance from the Onondaga Township board of trustee’s approved the plan on July 22nd. Mr. Comer started the costly task of bringing this track into a top spot for racers.

Link to Onondaga Dragway’s Facebook page click here