Milan Dragway’s No ET Nationals

The No ET Nationals at Milan Dragway on Saturday had over 200 cars entered. But it was not without a few problems.  The timing lights had a bit of a problem, but that got fix…

The biggest problem of the night was the racers dropping oil, antifreeze, and parts on the track.  Cleaning up this stuff takes time if you do it right.  Hats off to the crew at Milan Dragway for taking the time to make the track safe for everyone, racers, and spectators.   Remember if the car you’re racing has antifreeze in it, drain it and run with only water.  The racing continued and there was lots of it, and it went well into the AM.  If anyone thinks local dragracing is dead they should check out the no ET races.

Don’t forget next weekend is the RunEm Nationals at Milan. Then on the 29th they have the nostalgic funny cars along with the Great Lake Gassers, talk about a good time.  Below are a few of the photos taken at the No ET event.