Fast Eddie Schartman Raced At Detroit Dragway

Detroit Dragway was one of those drag strips that had most of the top drivers & cars making their way to the Brownstown Twp., Michigan track.  Us locals were treated to lots of great racing back then.  One such racer was Eddie “Fast Eddie” Schartman.

The 60’s were a great time for us hot rod lovers at Detroit Dragway.  One of the drivers that raced at the Detroit Dragway was Fast Eddie, he was a racer from nearby Ohio.

There are many articles about Eddie Schartman and his hot rods online, we only put a brief couple of lines on just to acknowledge, and remember “Fast Eddie” for his contribution to Detroit Dragway, and to drag racing.

In 2012 Eddie Schartman  into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame.

To learn more about the life & times of Eddie Schartman check out this link from the NHRA. Keeping the memory of Detroit Dragway alive 24/7 365 days a year.

If you raced at DD send us your story and photos so we can share your memory.