Al Bergler Raced at Detroit Dragway

One of the local guys that raced at the ole “Dirty D” was Al Bergler If you know anything about drag racing and hot rod, then you have to know his name…

Al Bergler not only raced cars, but he build them also.  His tin work in funny cars is famous, and sought after.

There are many articles about Al and his hot rods online, we only put a brief couple of lines on just to acknowledge, and remember Al Bergler for his contribution to Detroit Dragway, and to drag racing.

In 1964 the 1st annual Ridler Memorial Award, given to Al Bergler for hos hot rod “MORE AGGRAVATION”.  This is one of the most sought after awards in hot rodding.DSC07232-wm

Besides the dragsters, Al built the funny cars called “Motown Shaker” he raced the shaker at the Detroit Dragway as well as other tracks.  One of the coolest match races was when he would race the RAMCHARGERS.

The Detroit area had so many great racers and car builders/mechanics. Burgler1

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